Since last Friday, more than 1,900 of you have watched The Marah Project video. If everyone who’s watched would give just $2.00 (that’s it … 2 bucks) we’d have enough for two full internships with Teens for Public Service. Since this summer when the internship program was set up, more than $22,000 has been raised for The Marah Project.

As many of you know in June, Seattle TV personality Penny LeGate’s daughter, Marah Williams, lost a long battle with drug addiction and depression. From loss comes new outreach and this short documentary aimed at raising awareness and funds for an internship in Marah’s name. Take a few minutes and watch this video I produced with Penny and Mike Williams’s gracious help. They were remarkably open and willing to share in the hopes that something good might one day come from Marah’s passing. Perhaps it will. Perhaps you’ll contribute. We hope so.


On Monday, watch KING 5’s Evening Magazine for their feature about The Marah Project. Penny LeGate co-hosted the show with Brian Tracy for nine years in the 90’s. “Evening Magazine” airs at 7:00pm Monday on KING 5 (NBC in Seattle). Don’t miss it.


  1. Marci Cline says:

    Penny, to you and your family, I am so sorry for your loss. It is an unthinkable thing for parents to lose a child before them. We have a drug addicted daughter that is 23 and has a 2 year old daughter. Right now she is actively using. I get tired of finding all her using tools, I stash them in bags and hide them. They have been living with us since the daughter was born, she had been clean from the time she got pregnant until the baby was 1 1/2. It is really hard not to be an enabler she is a good story teller. I am not sure where our story is going to go, I keep waiting for the phone call that she has overdosed, I dread that day but it will also be a relief because it is hard to live with her walking on eggshells every day.

    Thank you!

    Marci Cline

  2. Carol Boddy says:

    Penny, So very sorry for your loss. Losing a child is one of the hardest things to imagine. People say you’ll get over it , you never really do. The holidays are the hardest of all. My dear neighbor lost her daughter many years ago under the same circumstances. She had a beautiful wreath that she’s made and put up every year at Christmas time in memory of her beloved daughter. ..I pray you find peace in the fact that your daughter is no longer suffering from her issues and that you know that she is watching over you from above. May she rest in peace.. God Bless. Carol.

  3. Stella McNerney says:

    Penny, I lost my husband of 43 yrs; it will be the 2nd anniversary of his passing, this Dec. 20th. He was from India. A cousin of my husband, still living in India, lost her only son, also under difficult circumstances. It was friend, in India, that recommended the book, Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. Both my husband’s cousin and I found a lot of comfort from reading this book. I hope that it might also provide some comfort to you!

  4. Mickey Corral says:

    Dear Pensters and Michael,

    I am so sorry to hear of Marah’s passing. I just found out a few weeks ago, and it breaks my heart.

    I know how much your daughter’s mean to you, and can only imagine how much pain you guys, and Molly must be going through.

    I’ve just watched “The Marah Project” story on this website, and it touched my soul. Love the photo taken of Marah used in the story, and it sounds like she was just as beautiful on the inside. I would have loved to have met her in her later years.

    The last time I saw you all in 1998 was the only time I had met your daughters at your home, and remember them being full of laughter and energy.

    Alice and I will keep you all in our prayers.

    Although I miss seeing you regularly on TV, it sounds like you’re involved with bigger and better things. Like you say, “There is Life after TV.”

    I’m sorry we have lost touch over the last few years, but Alice and I are always here for you whenever you need us.

    I miss your laugh and smile…!!

    Love always,


  5. john blanchett says:

    I Am Soo Very sorry for your loss. Bless You. I Am strugggling . Trying to get into a rehab facilty, not mutc openinc …. Actually a detox, for Alcohol …. I Need Help thank You

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