Seattle TV news journalist savors the art of storytelling. In it he finds his purpose. But deadline after deadline, he grows increasingly weary of TV news.  He accepts a job at World Vision, an international charity, developing stories about those living in extreme poverty, especially children. His job is now to share those stories with journalists he once worked with. He begins to find significance in Life after the Newsroom. He decides to write about it. He is a storyteller after all. The blog of this “re-purposed” journalist chronicles that journey and the re-purposed journalists he meets along the way.

I’m John Yeager, a veteran of TV news. Currently, I’m an independent video producer and content strategist at Positively Northwest. My job is to help get media coverage for Seattle-area nonprofits and in the process, to serve journalists wherever I find them.

I’ve recently earned a Master of Communications Digital Media (MCDM) degree at the University of Washington in Seattle.  I also help teach media classes at Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland, Washington.

Please join me on this hike through the woods.  The trail is steep but we both just might learn something on the journey.

  1. Bill Nelson says:


    I didn’t know you had a blog until a link sent me here to this site (re: Lilly Jang).

    I read through your past posts.

    Nice stuff.

    Insightful and putting a little interesting Yeager tweak into each story. Exactly as how I remember you back in the day at KCPQ.

    Best wishes on your work with World Vision and keep up the good work. Being old and retired from the daily grind makes me envy you a bit, as it seems like you are doing some valuable and worthwhile things in your daily life these days.

    –Bill Nelson
    former audio guy
    (we worked together tangentally at The Q quite a few years ago)

  2. Neil Scott says:

    Hey John,

    Neil Scott here. I do sports updates on 950KJR. I also do a nightly national radio talk show on addiction and recovery ‘RECOVERY – Coast to Coast’ from our ClearChannel studios in Seattle. I am trying to track down Penny Legate. Do you have an email address for her? Thanks!

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