Humanizing the News – Don’t all good journalists have that purpose?

Posted: January 17, 2012 in employment

Recent article in the New York Times:

“ABC’s new push to humanize the news and CBS’s heavily promoted emphasis on hard news may make NBC News the Goldilocks news division — not too hot, not too cold, just right”.

But is humanizing the news really a “new push” for any good journalist? Isn’t that an effort any good journalist brings to his/her work every day? It is for the ABC News reporters I know like former KIRO-TV (CBS Seattle) colleague David Kerley.

There’s nothing new about Kerley’s solid and original work. He’s always taking a new perspective on conventional wisdom. Take for instance one of his latest reports comparing Ronald Reagan’s re-election prospects with Barrack Obama’s. A tough stretch? Kerley makes a good case.

Kerley is easily one of the best reporters in the nation today, always seeking to bring a human face to the news, always looking for a new angle. TV network reporters like Kerley bring a level of hard work, tenacity and creativity under pressure that would wither most of us.


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